Green Data or Greenwashing?

Carbon emissions data is critically important to investors’ increasingly important role in helping combat climate change. Research by Vitali Kalesnik and his coauthors finds no evidence that forward-looking carbon scores or estimated carbon emissions provide sufficient data to be effective in promoting sustainable practices.

Further, they find that the estimated data (often composing more than 50% of the data on carbon emissions) lack accuracy and rely primarily on only industry and size information. Compared to reported data, estimated data lead to a significant loss of efficacy in investor actions on climate mitigation.

This webinar explores Vitali’s research which supports the call for a global single standard, mandatory reporting, and auditing of GHG emissions data and why all three are necessary to ensure accuracy which will improve investors’ ability to help mitigate climate change. Until that is achieved, investors can and should incentivize companies to voluntarily report their emissions.

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gru 08 2020


14:00 - 15:00

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